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Healthy Habits: The Benefit of Real Food

Healthy Habits: The Benefit of Real Food

Instructor-Led Training, Facilitation Guide, Participant Workbook

Instructional Designer, Facilitator




This project was designed for wellness coaches to offer gyms and other businesses a comprehensive month-long wellness program. Our goals were to create community connections, increase ProjectU participation and increase sales.


In line with Fitlife Foods “Real Ingredients” guarantee, I created a Food Swap Challenge to educate learners on the dangers of processed foods and the benefits of real food. Participants were encouraged to swap highly and ultra processed foods with minimally processed or whole foods. The Pinellas County School District launched a wellness initiative, and I reached out to local schools to beta test the program.


Participants enjoyed the experience and made sustainable changes to their diet according to the Challenge feedback from the Evaluation Form. The external barriers and timing of the program impacted the overall success of the program. Below is the data from the challenge beta test.


# of staff = 80
# signed up for challenge = 23
# wellness sessions = 21
Follow up sessions booked = 4
Follow up sessions attended = 2
Gained two coaching clients.

Meals Purchased

During challenge = 85
30 day = 68
60 day = 65
90 day = 80


Meals = 30
Sweets = 4
Time = 12 hours

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